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Shop Pediatric EDTA Tubes for Reliable Blood Collection

Our Pediatric EDTA Tubes, produced by Cangzhou Fukang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd., are specifically designed for the collection and preservation of blood samples from pediatric patients. These tubes contain EDTA, a chelating agent that binds calcium and other metal ions, preventing blood from clotting and preserving the integrity of the sample for up to 24 hours, Our pediatric EDTA tubes come in a smaller size to cater to the lower blood volume typically obtained from pediatric patients, reducing the risk of sample contamination or excessive blood loss. The tubes are also sterile and come with a safety cap to ensure proper handling and storage of the blood sample, Cangzhou Fukang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. is dedicated to producing high-quality medical supplies for the healthcare industry, and our Pediatric EDTA Tubes are no exception. With our commitment to quality and innovation, healthcare professionals can trust our pediatric EDTA tubes to provide accurate and reliable blood sample preservation for pediatric patients